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Shipping Policy

Shipping wine in the United States can be a tricky business. Legislation from the federal government says that the states have the right to determine their own rules and some states just choose to not accept wine shipments from out of state wineries or just any alcohol shipping at all. Our website is optimized to follow the latest wine regulations to allow our customers buy all the wine that the governments let us sell and ship!  

Wine is heavy.  Unfortunately, this drives up the price of the shipping.  Whatever you choose to do, we, at the Dakota Sun winery are so glad you chose to shop with us!

Return & Exchange Policy

If you’re dissatisfied with a product, first of all, we are so very sorry!  Each batch of wine is personally tested by our winemaker for quality control so you know that you can buy your favorite wines with confidence.


At this time, we do not offer any refunds and returns are just silly because no one is gonna drink secondhand wine. Please feel free to reach out if you have unique concerns that you would like addressed individually.  Cheers and happy sipping!!

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