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*New owner* to a Family-Grown Business

Originally founded and grown from scratch by Bruce and Merleen Gussiaas the winery has expanded to the thriving winery you know and love today. 

I, Devin Quick, very excitedly took the reigns of the thriving business as Bruce and Merleen decided to spend more time with their family. In 2024 and beyond we plan to take the Dakota Sun Winery to new heights and keep experimenting with new and delightful wines!



For many years, the Dakota Sun Gardens Winery has been located in Carrington, ND, but just like the change in ownership there is a change in location - to Williston, ND.

As of the current date, there is not a physical location of the new Dakota Sun Winery to visit but there is the opportunity to taste and purchase wines at one of the many craft and vendor shows across the state we participate in. Can't make a show? Check and see if we can ship wines directly to you!


A few miles north of Valley City sits the family farm, Quick Acres, where many of our fruits grow, waiting to be handpicked and pressed into your favorite vino!

Our winery takes pride in supporting small businesses and other local farmers like ourselves. Please reach out via email if you have fruits that you believe would be a great fit to make into wine.

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